A packed Nathan-Philipps Square during Nuit Blanche. Accompanies Sara Angel's article Three Ways to Navigate Nuit Blanche
THE GRID - 09 / 28 / 2011

Three Ways to Navigate Nuit Blanche

by Sara Angel and Chris Bilton

The massively successful all-night contemporary art event/ creative orgy/ outdoor bender Nuit Blanche returns this Saturday (running from 6:59 p.m. to sunrise), and short of a Maple Leafs Stanley Cup win, you’ll never see the streets of this city more jam-packed and alive at night.

Naturally, with a huge-scale happening like this, everyone’s experience of the night will be radically different. To help you map it out in advance, we’ve provided three routes: The Dabbler (for those of you who only want to spend a couple of hours pounding the pavement); The All-Nighter (for the hard-core art devotee who wants to see the sun come up); and The Boozehound (for those of you who think art looks best through a pair of beer goggles).

Of course, we also advise you to consume your alcohol and your art responsibly—an excess of either can sometimes lead to obnoxious behaviour.

Clickon the map for a close-up view.

An illustrated map showing events and openings at Toronto Nuit Blanche. accompanies Sara Angel's article Three Ways to Navigate Nuit Blanche