Sara Angel interviewing contemporary artists Rajni Perera and Shary Boyle at Patel Brown Gallery for Art Toronto in 2020.
Sara Angel, Shary Boyle, and Rajni Perera in conversation for Art Toronto 2020. 

Power Shifts: Shary Boyle and Rajni Perera on Art and Change-Making


In this panel discussion, moderated by Sara Angel, artists Shary Boyle and Rajni Perera reflect on their experiences of navigating cultural distinctions within their collaborative relationships with art institutions, commercial galleries, and with other artists. As settler colonial art and academic institutions strive to be more inclusive of underrepresented artistic practices, they have yet to adequately address and dismantle the power hierarchies that underlie injustice. This discussion explores the critical need for redrawing relationships between institutions and artists whose work has traditionally been excluded from their spaces, while more broadly considering what is relevant, urgent, and necessary about art in a climate of chaos and uncertainty. Boyle and Perera also delve into their current processes of producing large-scale artworks in the time of COVID.