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Get Some Art

by Sara Angel, The Grid, July 4, 2012
OVERWHELMED BY the offerings at this weekend’s Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition? Here’s a handy list to help aspiring collectors figure out what not to miss.
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Bling it On

by Sara Angel, The Grid, December 14, 2012
PAINTER Dorian FitzGerald transforms ostentation into staggering beauty. Few of his canvases stand less than eight feet tall and tend to leave viewers gawking in awe.
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Naked Ambition: Toronto’s Newest Art Star

by Sara Angel, The Grid, November 28, 2011
IF THERE was any question that Chris Curreri is Toronto’s newest art star, the crowd at the opening of the 33-year-old’s solo show, “Beside Myself,” should erase any doubts.
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Out of the Woods

by Sara Angel, The Grid, October 21, 2011
GROWING UP in Grande Cache, a remote coal-mining town in Northern Alberta, Eamon Mac Mahon fell in love with the forest “as a place for freedom and adventure.”
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Three Ways to Navigate Nuit Blanche

by Sara Angel, The Grid, September 28, 2011
THE MASSIVELY successful all-night contemporary art event/ creative orgy/ outdoor bender Nuit Blanche returns this Saturday (running from 6:59 p.m. to sunrise).
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Pixar meets Picasso

by Sara Angel, The Grid, September 18, 2011
INSPIRED BY videogames like Myst and Diablo, Alex McLeod stopped using paint brushes and embraced the world of digital rendering.
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Walk this Way

by Sara Angel, The Grid, August 18, 2011
RUTH ORKIN’S American Girl in Italy is one of the most famous photographs anyone has ever taken, according to gallery owner Stephen Bulger.
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Mondo Taxali

A look inside the inspired world of Toronto jack-of-all-trades Gary Taxali, whose drawings, paintings and prints are currently on display in the Drake Hotel’s restaurant by Sara Angel The Grid, August 3, 2011 It’s not often that you hear a successful, … Continue reading

Cameron House Classics

by Sara Angel, The Grid, July 20, 2011
THERE WAS a time when the Cameron Public House was infamous for being one of the city’s most disreputable bars.
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Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition Shopping List

by Sara Angel The Grid, July 9, 2011 Celebrating its 50th year, the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition is not only Canada’s largest juried outdoor art exhibition, it’s also the city’s ultimate offering of affordable paintings, photographs, ceramics and crafts from emerging … Continue reading

The Accidental Collector: How One of the World’s Largest Bollywood Showcard Collections Landed at the ROM

by Sara Angel, The Grid, June 22, 2011
ANGELA HARTWICK appears fashionably out of place as she prepares to take the stage at the Royal Ontario Museum. It’s a cool Tuesday evening in June and the Kamloops-born Brigitte Bardot look-alike is taking part in a scholarly discussion of Bollywood visual culture.
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There’s An App for That: Sandy Nicholson’s Multimedia Project “0 to 100”

by Sara Angel, The Grid, June 9, 2011
CELEBRATED Toronto photographer Sandy Nicholson has never been one for following conventions. But when he took pictures for his recent “0 to 100” project, he was surprised by how many of his own expectations he surpassed.
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Abstract Expressionism 101

by Sara Angel, The Grid, May 27, 2011
AGO DIRECTOR Matthew Teitelbaum gives the Coles Notes on the gallery’s high-profile new exhibition.
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Unicorn’s Tale

by Sara Angel, The Grid, May 11, 2011
CROCHETED PLANTS, dice, toys and ashtrays. These probably aren’t the first things you’d expect to find while shopping for art, unless you happened to be browsing in Magic Pony or Narwhal Art Projects.
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