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Montreal Project Helps Solve Issue Around Recovering Nazi-Stolen Art

by Sara Angel, The Globe and Mail, December 16, 2016
This week, at a landmark ceremony at the Canadian embassy in Berlin, Montreal’s Max Stern Restitution Project not only recovered two Dutch Old Masters paintings – Ships in Distress on a Stormy Sea by Jan Porcellis and Landscape with Goats by Willem Buytewech the Younger – it announced a solution for one of the most problematic questions surrounding Nazi-looted art: How do you ask for the return of a plundered work from a party that innocently came to own it? Continue reading

The Supermodel and the Brillo Box: Exploring the new art-world economic order

by Sara Angel, The Globe and Mail, May 30, 2014
ON MAY 2, 2012, EDVARD MUNCH'S <i>The Scream</i> made history when it sold for $107-million at Sotheby New York’s Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale after just 10 minutes of bidding. Continue reading

The Six Habits of Highly Successful Art Collectors

by Sara Angel, Report on Business magazine/The Globe and Mail, September 2012
TO INVEST IN ART, you don’t have to be the Qatar royal family and throw $250 million at a single painting. These six collectors do it out of love, although the returns can be eye-catching, too. Continue reading

At Ottawa Exhibition, You'll See Another van Gogh

by Sara Angel, The Globe and Mail, May 23, 2012
WE ASSOCIATE him with sunflowers, swirling bold brushwork, starry nights, the colour yellow and the details of an incomparably dramatic life.
Continue reading