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CONTACT Decision Maker

by Sara Angel, Eye Weekly, April 27, 2011
COME MAY, there will be no shortage of striking images to look at, when over 1,000 local, national and international camera-wielding artists put their work on view.
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Refined Crude

by Sara Angel, Eye Weekly, April 13, 2011
EDWARD BURTYNSKY’S beautiful and disturbing photographs force the viewer to think about humanity’s ability to transform nature.
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Northern Lights

by Sara Angel, Eye Weekly, March 30, 2011
WHEN PEOPLE think of Canada, they think of the Inuit,” says Gerald McMaster, curator of Canadian art at the Art Gallery of Ontario. And yet, while the word Inuit is no longer synonymous with igloos and snow, our idea of Inuit art is still tied to small stone sculptures of hunters throwing spears.
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In Marilyn’s Bed

by Sara Angel, Eye Weekly, March 17, 2011
TWENTY-SEVEN-year-old Douglas Kirkland was about an hour into photographing Marilyn Monroe, 35, lying nude in bed, when she told everyone but him to leave the room. “I want us to be alone,” she said. “I find it works better that way.”
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Looking for Clues

by Sara Angel, Eye Weekly, March 3, 2011
SOPHIE HACKETT, the Art Gallery of Ontario’s assistant curator of photography, didn’t have high hopes when she asked her summer intern, Vanessa Fleet, to help her determine the creator of a collection of French photographs.
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The Art of Seeing

by Sara Angel, Eye Weekly, February 16, 2011
WHILE PREPARING for his new retrospective, “Pictures at an Exhibition,” (now on at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art) Toronto artist Luis Jacob stumbled upon a photo of himself using both hands to hold his right eye wide open.
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Kim Dorland: Nocturne

by Sara Angel, Eye Weekly, February 4, 2011
THIS PAST summer, Kim Dorland—one of Canada’s most talented and successful young artists—received the provocative sobriquet “extreme painter.”
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Pics and the City

by Sara Angel, Eye Weekly, January 20, 2011
A LOT of people phone Stephen Bulger’s gallery looking for photographs of Toronto. But, as he explains, when it comes to great contemporary pictures of the city, the pickings are slim.
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Diamonds: A King’s Best Friend

by Sara Angel, Eye Weekly, December 15, 2011
THERE IS NO brighter light this holiday season than the almost-235-carat pale yellow De Beers diamond, one of the largest stones of its kind in the world, now on display in “Maharaja: The Splendour of India’s Royal Courts,” the newly opened exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario.
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Conceptual Art Clarified

by Sara Angel, Eye Weekly, November 17, 2011
WHEN THE original founders of Nuit Blanche first described their dusk-to-dawn extravaganza, they dubbed it a visual culture “thing,” making it clear that art today far exceeds the confines of a canvas or a museum’s walls; it has become amorphous, unobvious and concept-driven.
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The Art Stylists: Helping You Get Art Bang On Any Budget

by Sara Angel, Eye Weekly, November 4, 2011
STARTING AN art collection isn’t out of your league. In fact, it might be the wise thing to do with the money you’ve got.
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