Canadian Art

Filling the Void: Art and Commerce Find Harmony at the Esker Foundation

by Sara Angel, Canadian Art, Summer 2014
CALGARY CONTINUES to be a boom town, with one of the highest rates of economic growth in the country, more millionaires per capita than anywhere else in Canada and unmatched opportunities for wildlife viewing. But, says Jim Hill, the 63-year-old president and founder of the Esker Foundation, “There was a desperate need for more quality visual-arts space here.” Continue reading

Surface Matters: Shannon Bool Brings Ornament into the 21st Century

by Sara Angel, Canadian Art, Summer 2013
"Decoration is psychologically charged," says Shannon Bool, the British Columbia–born, Berlin-based painter, muralist, sculptor and photomonteur. She is talking to me from the hills of Florence, where she is in residence as this year's…. Continue reading

True Patriot Love: A Landmark Show Turns 40

by Sara Angel, Canadian Art, Fall 2011
IT’S A HOT summer day in 1971, a week before the opening of Joyce Wieland’s exhibition “True Patriot Love,” the National Gallery of Canada’s first retrospective of a living female artist.
Continue reading